Our show – especially for you!

You want to celebrate your company anniversary solemny?

You want to introduce your new product to your customers with style?

You are looking for a galmourous dinner show for your event?

THE VOICE FACTORY is your partner!


What we offer

Pop, musical, film hits, evergreens – we create your individual show event around our enormous repertoire.

A jouney through your company histroy, the mystical and frightening highlight of the festival on your castle, or the appropriate show for your nostalgic event:

THE VOICE FACTORY delivers an enjoyable stage performance your guests are guaranteed to remember!

We do it this way:

1. Brainstorming

First, we get together with you and talk about the possibilities and the concept. What's important for you is important for us, too!

Our list of content clients speaks of itself.

2. Concept phase

Then we compose the perfect show for your event, using ideas, anecdotes, and the ambiance of choice.

Convince yourself: Here's our constantly growing repertoire list.


3. Realisation

Based on the show concept we create the script, rehearse acting scenes, the presentation and the individual show acts. In addition to that, we adjust the sets and the decoration to the site and the show concept.
In the video section you can see some of our performances.

4. Showtime!

Thanks to our experience and to our huge repertoire, we are able to create the perfect show for your event in the shortest time possible. A show? An overwhelming experience of emotions, humour and music!

An event, your guests will talk of long after. Not only we are convinced about that, that's the voice of our critics, too.

Please contact us.